Soir d’Orient

soir d'orientKom zaterdag 27 oktober 2018 naar onze Soir d’Orient voorstelling in het Haarlemmerhout theater met optredens van Raniya en leerlingen, de Soir d’Orient Dansgroep, en Sema Yildiz, ‘Istanbul’s Grande Dame and Queen of Oriental Dance’. Aanvang 20;00 uur. Kaarten kun je hier bestellen: Kaarten Soir d’Orient

Zondag 28 oktober 2018 zal Sema Yildiz Dansworkshops geven bij Studio Raniya, adres: Klein Heiligland 84, Haarlem. Mis deze unieke kans niet! €28,- per workshop (inclusief thee). Meld je aan door een mail te sturen naar of Sms of app mag ook: 06-43042899.

Sema Yildiz Workshop 1: 28 oktober 13:00 – 15:00 uur Turkish Roman

A special mix of Turkish Roman and Trakya 9/8 steps and choreo.

Sema Yildiz will teach a special workshop in 9/8 rhythm, working with two different styles of dance. Trakya 9/8 Karshilama combinations will introduce the vivacious dance style from the Trakya region of Edirne, famous for its big Roma festival, Hidirellez in May. The ancient era and its traditions are rooted in the mixture of the Bulgarian-Greek-Turkish cultural influences. Sema will also share Romany dance (Roman havasi) style steps, gestures and techniques to infuse your dance with natural style and energy. She will teach a choreography of unique and authentic Sema-style for the stage!

Sema Yildiz Workshop 2: 28 oktober 15:30 – 17:30 uur Turkish Oryantal

Veil work, floor dance, and timeless styling.

Oryantal Dance Sema style, will transport you to the Turkish Golden Era of elegance, rapture, and passion!

Istanbul’s ‘Grande Dame’ and ‘Queen’ of Oriental dance will share with you the evocative techniques she uses on Istanbul’s greatest stages and around the world. She will help develop your musicality and inspire your expression through veil work, signature floor techniques, and exciting travelling steps.